During this COVID- 19 pandemic Shaun Branch Master Thatcher Ltd will continue all business activities in a safe and efficient way. We continue to work within government regulations and will be monitoring the situation carefully.

Shuan Branch uses a varied range of thatch types depending on the choice of finish you require for your property.

The range of thatching materials include:

  • Combed Wheat Straw
  • Long Straw
  • Water Reed

Different thatch materials give different finishes to the roof. To discuss the option you would like for your project, call Shaun Branch, Master Thatcher on 01865 872375 or 07802 874360.

We use the best quality thatch materials for your project, to give you the best quality finish. Whether it's a round, smooth finish from the Combed Wheat Straw, or the Long Straw, which gives a more uneven and traditional rustic finish, or Water Reed, which gives a smooth finish to the roof, and is a little more resiliant and durable.