During this COVID- 19 pandemic Shaun Branch Master Thatcher Ltd will continue all business activities in a safe and efficient way. We continue to work within government regulations and will be monitoring the situation carefully.

This is the first time we have lived in a thatched house and we had no idea about how to look after the roof. This is why we called Shaun in the first place - to come round and give us his opinion. Straight away he could see that the ridge was in need of replacing and would not survive the coming winter. We then decided that, while the ridge was being done, we may as well completely re-thatch one side and have some maintenance on the other to ensure the roof was good for the next 10 - 15 years. Shaun did not try to convince us either away about the work that needed doing, he just gave his informed opinion without any hard sell or dramatic scare tactics!! It was entirely up to us what we decided to do and we felt no pressure either way which is how we like to do business!!!

The work started just a couple of months later (and two months earlier than we had expected) and it was all done to the highest level. He brought all the materials round and stacked them in the garden covering them neatly until they were needed. Shaun worked tirelessly to get the job done as quickly as was possible despite some pretty horrid weather conditions on some occasions. The whole job was done efficiently and for the exact amount quoted to us - literally not a penny more. The roof looks fantastic and neighbours have commented on what a good job has been done.

Above all, we know we are safe and protected from whatever the weather throws at us. If we need any work doing on the roof in future, we will have no hesitation in calling Shaun - we have no complaints and would recommend him to anyone. Apart from anything else, he is a pleasure to have dealings with (and has a lovely dog!) and we trust him which is the most important thing for us. It is so nice dealing with an individual as opposed to a big faceless corporation and with someone who actually answers the phone when you call. He wants to do the best he can for his clients and we look forward to seeing him again in the future (and his dog obviously!).

Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire.