During this COVID- 19 pandemic Shaun Branch Master Thatcher Ltd will continue all business activities in a safe and efficient way. We continue to work within government regulations and will be monitoring the situation carefully.

Our cottage stands up and looks taller now that it has been so beautifully and expertly re thatched. Our old roof had been sorely neglected by previous owners and also over thatched, and the weight had caused it to drop over the upstairs windows preventing them opening. We had originally booked a complete re-thatch for the 3 months March – May 2015 but Shaun was able to begin early, so the scaffold arrived at the beginning of December 2014. Shaun had arranged all the necessary permissions, and as we are located directly on a public footpath, ensured that all was safe for the daily school run of mums and primary age children.

The process became quite a discussion point, as did Shaun’s spaniel, as she patrolled the scaffold and fascinated the passers-by underneath, especially the children on the school run. We were amazed at how quickly the process commenced, and by Christmas a quarter of the roof had been completely replaced. We received compliments galore from friends and neighbours on the speed, quality and tidiness of the work which we wholeheartedly endorse ourselves too.

Shaun worked in all weathers and all the daylight hours available, and despite a mini straw avalanche due to some very old and rotting straw, the whole roof was completed before it had originally been due to start! We have a stunning new roof which has been photographed by many, and admired by everyone who passes or visits.

We cannot praise the craftsmanship and quality of the work highly enough, and are more than happy for our roof to be shown as an example of Shaun’s work, to show just what a complete transformation his skill and expertise can bring to a property.

Middle Barton, Oxfordshire.